In De wulf

Dranouter is where I’ve been raised, the place where I come home and love to come home over and over again.

A village between the hills, grass land and fields which attract me very much. There’s always some mystery hanging in the air… sometimes marked by a dark past, beggars and war. Marked with character, as if time has stopped.

But on the other hand I do have the feeling, more than in all other places, that every day there’s something changing. It’s to be found in some little things like the scent of the first elders bringing me directly back to my childhood, the wild dock leaves in the talus, the glance of the first blackberries. Waking up in the morning, going outside and getting the cold shivers, a scent, a breeze announcing the autumn.

In this way every day brings something new.

It’s the same feeling a want to reflect in my kitchen. The menu doesn’t change every season but when the time is right. I call it ‘organic kitchen’ because I have to adjust it to the things happening around us. The menu never changes from dish to dish… I see it as a never ending project. Every day there is worked and puzzled on. Adapted but never feigned. It especially has to be ‘real’, sometimes brutal, soft, just natural. Being honest of who we are and where we are as the biggest challenge.

In our kitchen we find it very important to work with vegetables and herbs. We’re lucky to be surrounded by enthusiastic people and creative farmers. Their offer determines for a great part the menu. When you wish to have a menu with exclusively vegetables , we ask you to let us know in advance.

Wine list

In following Kobe’s philosophy of working with fresh, natural and local products brought to us by our neighbors and friends, we have begun to build a list of wild wines produced in Europe.

Most important is the relationship that the grower has with the land and the grapes and then our relationship with him and/or the the importer.  Many wines are from lesser-known areas and were “made” in an unconventional way:  very little or nothing added in the vineyard and virtually nothing done in the winery.

We have chosen wines that show the purest expression of the grape and the region.  The winemaker is simply the guide

Download wine card (PDF)

Spending the night

a total experience

‘In De Wulf’is in fact an old farm of which the original arrangement hasn’t changed a lot. The kitchen is built where there used to be a shed and a stable. The old residence has changed into a room where the breakfast is served and at the former upper floor the hotel rooms are to be found.

To really get this total experience, you can spend the night at the hotel. Waking up in the quiet Dranouter and having breakfast which also has our own style. We offer homemade pâté and sausages . We pickle and dry our own ham and bacon respecting the tradition.

At some 100 meters from the restaurant the French border is located. When crossing the ‘Suikerberg’ to the ‘Breemeersen ’in between the fields you can suddenly have a magnificent view on the north of France. I remember my father showing me the mines of Lens at the horizon, two pyramids. Under the clear sky you can even see Calais.

Room and breakfast

Regular rooms
  • € 150 for 2 persons
  • € 110 for 1 person
Rooms at ground floor with a terrace

These rooms are larger and have both shower as a bath in wood

  • € 210 for 2 persons
  • € 170 for 1 person

Contact info

Wulvestraat 1
8950, Heuvelland(Dranouter)
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T 0032 57 44 55 67

  • Wednesday open dinner
  • Thursday open dinner
  • Friday open lunch and dinner
  • Saturday open dinner
  • Sunday open lunch and dinner

Closed (holiday)

  • 3 till 11 march
  • 16 june till 2 july
  • sundaynight 3 august
  • 1 till 9 september
  • 22 december till 13 january 2015

Travel info

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Make a reservation

Please make a reservation on-line at least 24 hours beforehand.

Your reservation is only valid after you have received a confirmation via e-mail. Make sure that you enter a valid email address. We are closed on Monday and Tuesday.

Due to hygienic reasons we cannot allow dogs in both the hotel as the restaurant.